Here we are at the PA Union! What a wonderful experience! First of all I was met at the airport by this beautiful, smiling face! It was Marilyn and she immediately made me feel at ease and right at home. What a warm heart she has!
After spending the night at her house, we drove to Maddie's.  She greeted us and welcomed us into her home and her heart like she had known us all her life!
How fortunate we were to meet so much of Maddie's family, too! They were all just as loving and gracious as she. Here's her handsome little Noah with a pretzel in one hand, a cookie in the other and a happy smile across his face. What beautiful eyes he has!
Now, here's a little girl who takes right after her Nana! If you guessed it was Tori, you're absolutely right!
What a little ham she was!
Well, now here's Barb. She was never without her beautiful smile and wonderful sense of humor!
Before I knew it, in came Betsy! She was just as nice, warm and charming as the rest of the ladies. We had the added bonus of meeting her terrific daughter, Shannon. She settled right in with all of us ol' ladies and was a real asset to our Union!
Here they are all together at none other than Penn State!!!! Maddie really gave us the grande tour!!
Of course no tour would be complete without a visit to the infamous Nittany Lion! Maddie will have a better picture, I'm sure and will elaborate on it a bit more for a certain, special someone! LOL
Well, now I'll head off into the sunset....or rather, to some beautiful southern sunshine!
Out of my Massachusetts Winter Wonderland! .
See you when I get home!
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Here we are saying our last goodbyes outside of the B & B! Betsy and  Shannon had already headed back....
Come along to Florida with me....
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